About Andrew Lugo

Back in 1996, I embarked on my own journey of purchasing my first home. I was scared! Especially because as I was alone, in a new city and without any family nearby to guide me.  I just remember thinking that there were so many questions involved and I didn’t know why I had to provide so many documents. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be guided by two incredible real estate professionals who didn’t just see me as another client, but as someone aspiring to achieve the quintessential American Dream of homeownership.

Their support and expertise not only helped me realize my dream but also inspired my career path. When I became a mortgage broker in 2005, I pledged to dedicate my practice to the people who entrust me with such a significant part of their lives. For me, this isn’t just about transactions; it’s about being a part of a journey that shapes your future and the financial wellbeing of your family. Every client’s dream is unique, and I’m committed to making those dreams a reality with the same care and dedication that was once shown to me.

Andrew Lugo - Certified Mortgage Advisor
Andrew Lugo
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